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Protean Partnership, software for the service industry

Solutions for Accounting and Protean Software have teamed up to provide our clients with integrated solutions that allow them to work smarter, increase productivity and make more accurate future forecasts.

Protean are market leading providers of service management software for companies in the business of equipment supply, installation, maintenance and hire. In addition to streamlining your business processes, Protean also fully integrates with Sage accounting software. The resulting consolidation of business insights provides clients with a clear blueprint that can help them to accomplish their business objectives.

Protean Software unshackles you from the high levels of paperwork and inefficient processes involved in running a complex service operation.

The benefits of a Protean and Sage 200 link:

Eliminate duplicate data entry – By importing suppliers and customers into Protean, double entry of contact information is eliminated, therefore saving time and avoiding a difference in data-entry between the two systems. Additionally, a link between systems is automatically established enabling matching contacts between the two pieces of software. This ensures that your data in always accurate.

Get a 360° view of accurate supplier and customer data – By linking your Protean and Sage software you can have a snapshot view of the customer’s status. You can see balance due information to determine the customer’s standing, credit limits and whether they are on stop. You can set credit limit and on stop warnings seamlessly within Protean.

Maximise productivity – In addition to contact and customer information only needing to be entered into Protean once (since the data is automatically transferred to your Sage software), all the key accounting information can easily be accessed by sales staff, who would otherwise need to chase the accounts department for credit history. Moreover, time is saved by not having to constantly switch between your Protean and accounting solutions.

Easier updates – Synchronisation between Protean and Sage means that your supplier and customer information is always up to date, in both systems with no modifications by users required. Furthermore you get to decide on the direction of each update – Protean to Sage, Sage to Protean, or both. All integration between the two applications can be automated and managed by the Protean Scheduler, allowing it to run itself upon configuration.

Take action using real-time information – With up to date information in both databases your customer facing team has the ability to take immediate action. While you’re on the phone with a customer; estimates, jobs, sales orders or invoices can be created easily in Protean. Thereafter these transactions will automatically be sent to Sage.

Business intelligence – In-depth transaction data is sent to the Sage sales ledger, purchase ledger and nominal ledger for full reporting within Sage itself. This enables users to gain an insight into past trends and also put them in a better position to make more accurate future forecasts.

Cost savings – Through the implementation of an accounting link, you effectively save money on purchasing additional accounting software licenses as well as implementation costs. No extra installation is necessary due to the fact that the link is part of the client application, which makes it available to all Protean users without the need to buy extra licenses.

Streamlined account set up – Many businesses have a system whereby the customer appears in CRM first (as a lead or an opportunity) and then at a later stage (once an account is requested or the first sale made) they need to be sent to the accounting system. By linking Protean to Sage, the transfer can be automated, which means not having to wait on accounts and no need to give the sales team access to your accounting software.

For more information about Protean Software or to arrange a demonstration contact us today on 0115 840 5075 or email

Written by Bethan Wright

Marketing Manager

As marketing manager, Bethan is responsible for all marketing activities within the business and plays a key role in developing our growing business marketing strategy and brand awareness.

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