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Upgrade to the Latest Act! Version

Of course you’ll want to take advantage of new features, but we recognise that the process of upgrading software isn’t always fun! As a Swiftpage Diamond partner, we’ll work with you to ensure a successful upgrade with minimum negative impact on your business. 

Current Version: Act! v19 was released on Thursday 12th January 2017 and will be made available to all Act! User organisations with a current subscription or a qualifying Business Care support contract. 

Act! v19 Overview  |  Act! Compatibility Matrix  |  Act! v19 System Req | Act! 19 Defects Fixed

We’re also able to offer discounted upgrades to Users of other Act! versions without a contract, so please do call us to discuss your options on 0115 840 0115 or email us at

64 bit Microsoft Office compatibility

Act! v19 introduces the long awaited compatibility with 64 bit Microsoft Office productivity tools. Act! CRM 64 Bit Compatibility

This means that 64 bit Office Users are now able to automatically record email Histories and access all the other MS Outlook integration features that Act! Users expect. MS Excel interaction and mail merge to MS Word templates in the 64 bit version of Office are also supported. 

n.b. Note that Office 2007 is no longer supported in Act! v19.

Act! Companion

The all new Act! Companion mobile app complements the already popular ‘Act! mobile’ access interface by providing an alternative ‘offline’ app that works when no data connection is available.

As a native smartphone app, Act! Companion is also able to take advantage of features on the device itself, including the ability to ‘push’ notifications to the User that are displayed as alerts by the smartphone’s own operating system!app-store-badge

Act! Companion Users can access contact details, record meeting notes and make calls from within the app and data is synchronised seamlessly with the main Act! Premium database. As this feature is empowered by the new ‘Act Connect’ technology, no web server is required to support the use of Act! Companion – merely a local PC or server with a secure (SSL) Act! Web Api installation. Read more about Act! Companion.

Act Companion

Act! Premium Contact Link

Continuing with the theme of extended integration that we have seen in recent Act! version releases, the Act! Premium Contact Link enables users of (i.e. web based Office 365 mail client) to create and update Act! Contact records from Outlook within the web browser. Functionality extends to include a view of past Activities and the scheduling of new Act! Premium tasks from within Once again, the ‘Act! Connect Link’ technology means no web server is required to facilitate the use of Act! Premium Contact Link.

Act! Contact Link

Act! Contact Link

Act! eMarketing

With every version release, we’re seeing improvements to Act! eMarketing (AEM). In v19, this includes a number of minor enhancements which combine to improve usability and efficiency:

  • Performance Boost. Act! emarketing Campaigns are now broadcast up to 5 times faster.
  • Streamlined emarketing History records. Rather than create a separate ‘History’ entry against each Contact for Campaign sends, opens/clicks etc, a single History per campaign is created against each Contact and simply updated each time response data is drawn down into the Act! database from AEM. The History becomes less unwieldy and provides more rapid visibility of how each Contact interacts with each campaign.
  • Instant Feedback. AEM now keeps you abreast of your send limit and what capacity remains within the current month before you reach your maximum. This provides greater control over your AEM account and helps ensure you don’t exceed your send limit whilst fulfilling your emarketing quota and meeting business needs.
  • System Integrity. Accidental sends are now minimised by presenting you with a confirmation dialog box prior to commitment on the occasion of each broadcast.


Standard Reports refresh

A further 30 report templates have been added to Act! In many cases, these are similar to existing reports but with the introduction of ‘more relevant’ fields and default filters and sort orders. The new templates are included in newly created databases and also added to updated databases.

General Usability improvements

The gap in functionality between locally installed Act! and web based Act! narrows yet further with enhancements to the browser interface. These include the ability to scan for duplicate contacts and merge duplicates together. There are also extra formatting capabilities in the Layout editor.

If upgrading, please remember to consider whether any add-in components that you are currently using are supported with v19. In many cases, add-in updates are free of charge but please do check with us before proceeding with the upgrade.

If you would like to know more about any of the above-mentioned new features, please do contact us and speak with one of our Act! Product Specialists.

Purchase Options 

From May 2016 onwards, Act! Users organisations are now offered a choice in terms of whether to purchase perpetual licenses outright (as has historically been the case for 28 years!) or to access a subscription service which includes the provision of updates on an ongoing basis.

Act! CRM now gives you the freedom to choose the best plan to fit your unique business. Deploy Act! on-premise (installed on your own server/network) or it can be hosted by Swiftpage or by ourselves in the Solutions Cloud with full system management and support (learn more). Pay monthly, annually or purchase the software outright. Use offline, online and on your mobile device. The choice is yours!

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