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Credit Hound

Credit Hound

Credit Hound is a credit control solution linking to your Sage accounting system to automatically send reminder and chase letters to your customers. With a Credit Control dashboard and a number of built in reports, Credit Hound can easily highlight problem areas whether internal or external to your business . Its designed to reduce the time it takes to get paid – improving your cash flow whilst saving you time.

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Features & Benefits

  • Improve your cash flow by getting paid sooner: Getting your money from your clients into your bank account to reduce your overdraft.
  • Reduce bad debt: You will be alerted the moment a client’s payment trend starts to deteriorate.  Stop giving them credit long before their problems become your problems.
  • Self Chasing: The virtual credit controller will automatically write reminder letters and send pre-emptive emails, leaving you time to carry on with other business matters, while still staying in touch with your customers.


Credit Hound Professional

  • Up to 10 users and 20 companies
  • Integrates with Sage 50 and Sage 200 Extra
  • Multi currency support
  • Ability to customise reports
  • Customisable screen layouts
  • Customisable Information Panel Groups
  • Customisable Homepage layout
  • Customisable Reference numbers
  • Up to 50 fully customisable letters that can be dispatched at various stages of the credit collection process
  • Improves Credit Control efficiency to help cash flow


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