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Protean Software

Protean software streamlines business processes to help you optimise your potential. For the past two decades, the dynamic solution has supported companies that are associated with equipment supply, installation maintenance and hire. With Protean you can bring together all the tools that are required to manage your operations and grow your customer relationships.

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Solutions for Accounting

Solutions are not solely Sage business partners. We have also built strong relationships with other software providers such as Protean, who are experts in driving efficiencies with adaptable software that caters to the complete service lifecycle. This entails lead generation all the way through to asset retirement.

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Modules & Features

Protean improves efficiency by relieving management and administrative personnel from the strenuous piles of paperwork related to supplying, installing, maintaining and hiring equipment. This allows more valuable time to be spent focussing on more productive and profitable tasks.

Streamline your business in 4  steps

With Protean software you can streamline your business processes in four easy steps. (1) Increase efficiencies (2) Improve the quality of customer service (3) Manage fewer systems (4) Maximise profitability.

Benefits of Protean Software

Protean software enables you to optimise time and resources to deliver a high value service by streamlining job management and easily managing service agreements to name a few.