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Sage CRM Services

Sage CRM Implementation Services

The implementation of your CRM solution needs to be carefully planned and correctly managed in order to maximise your ROI. It is essential that the CRM system supports your particular business’ operational requirements and echoes your strategic objectives.

All of our consultants are Sage CRM Certified and will work with you to review your business processes and establish an in-depth implementation plan before the system is deployed. We will ensure that you understand all the possible benefits of Sage CRM and help you to gain maximum value from it.

Sage CRM System Configuration

The configuration and management of Sage CRM is carried out on the server only (via browser). For the solution to deliver maximum value, it must be customised to support your specific workflows and business processes. Our team will work with you to optimise configuration for your organisation.

Sage CRM Training

In order to gain maximum value from your Sage CRM, it is paramount that the solution is configured to meet your particular workflow requirements and overall business processes.

User adoption is commonly known as the most important aspect that determines whether the implementation is successful or unsuccessful. Thus we work with you to ensure that your system users are comfortable operating the solution.

Our training does not focus solely on the mechanics of Sage CRM. Rather, we help you to grow confident using the software and support you as you endeavour to achieve your business objectives. This will enable users to recognise the personal value of the system as well as its overall contribution to the organisation.

For the reasons mentioned above, every Sage CRM training session that we conduct is unique.

Sage CRM Support

Our Sage CRM support team are all fully trained and accredited for the latest releases of Sage CRM. We support a wide range of clients with 1 to 50 users throughout many different industry sectors across the UK and further afield.

Our Sage CRM support packages provide extensive system management and assistance to users. Our objective is to maximise your ROI for the solution and empower your customer support teams as your business evolves.

Solutions Sage CRM Support includes:

Telephone Help Line: Direct access to our Sage CRM consultants. Monday – Friday. 0900 – 1730.

Email Support: Email your queries and expect a response within 2 hours.

Online Remote Access Support: Our support technicians can ‘call-in’ to your workstation or server and determine what the issue is first hand.


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