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Warehouse Manager 200

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Warehouse Manager 200

Warehouse Manager 200 is the exclusive Sage Certified and Sage Approved warehouse management system in the UK and Europe. The software fully integrates with the Sage 200 Commercial Suite, and has been independently verified and tested to evidence to provide evidence of the accolades. This means that every time Sage 200 software updates are released, Datalinx Warehouse Manager 200 will be compatible, which provides reassurance for users that they are running the latest versions of the Sage software.

Warehouse Manager 200 has an impressive feature list that includes batch and serial number traceability. This is an efficient solution to stocktaking products, and this is essential in many industries such as pharmaceuticals and food. Furthermore you can administer your warehouse in real-time using handheld devices. As a result Warehouse Manager 200 is the most sophisticated and flexible warehouse and inventory management system available for the Sage 200 market in Europe.

Warehouse Manager 200 focuses on vital warehouse, stock handling and manufacturing processes.


Dynamic Stock Taking

Warehouse continues to trade

Custom stock take cards

Blind counts

Batch/serial number stock takes


Works order issues

Works order completion

BOM allocation

BOM completion

Sales Order Picking

Picking guided by priority

Pick by physical properties

Unique ‘pick and hold’ facility

Marshall order before dispatch

Goods Receipt

Purchase orders

Batch numbers/BBF dates

Use by dates

Custom product labels

Transfers & Warehouse Operations

Bin-to-Bin/Location to location

Batch/serial number traceability

Product code across multiple references

Project Accounting

Integrated to Sage 200 Commercials

Job Costing


Standard Stock Take

Perpetual Stock Take



Advanced Printing & Labelling

Printing of labels

Easy custom designs

Bartender interface