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Meet our work experience duo!

Meet Anna and Ada – our work experience duo from the local Trinity school. They wanted to gain some marketing in-sight in between their AS and A2 levels to see if marketing is the career path for them. Below is an overview of their week spent at Solutions. 

Anna and Ada picAda said, ”I was privileged to get a summer work experience placement in the marketing sector at Solutions for Accounting and CRM. This week has been great and I have learnt many new skills that will help me in the future once I have finished school. I was tasked with doing some market research and presenting my findings, which has helped me gain confidence and become more comfortable when speaking in front of others.

I have enjoyed carrying out different research tasks throughout the week which has made me aware how competitive the software industry is. I have realised how important it is to create strategic and effective marketing campaigns in order to create user interest. I enjoyed the psychology behind tailoring a campaign to a specific audience, based on their industry sector or job role. I have also worked with others creating an e-mail campaign about Solutions core software, this has made me realise how important it is to work as part of a team in the Marketing sector because it allows us to brainstorm and discuss ideas, enabling us to develop them gaining a different view point rather than limiting myself to my own opinion.

I am glad that through this work experience I was able to see and understand how a business like Solutions operates and managed to get an idea of possible marketing related jobs which I could potentially be interested in after I finish studying marketing at a University.”

Anna explained, ”This has been a great work experience week where I was able to experience what it is like working in the real world. Even though it has only been a week I feel that I have acquired new skills by working for Solutions for Accounting and CRM. For example, working in the marketing department has helped me develop my communication and presentation skills. After every task we were given we would meet with the Marketing Manager to review our assignment. Through this activity I have understood how important market research is as it helps the business keep track of what is happening in the software industry. Another task that I carried out was browsing the internet to find new and fresh ideas seeing what I liked and disliked about various websites to enable us to build a portfolio for what should be incorporated into the new Solutions website. This task made me realise how vital a good website is to a company and that poor content or visuals can be very off-putting to a user. We also learnt about SEO and the concept of how to make a website and web pages rank highly through organic searches and pay per click (PPC).

I was also given a project to write two short articles which has helped me develop my writing skills and has made me feel more comfortable with sharing my work with others. I enjoyed this task the most as is was down to my own discretion to decide what I wanted to include within in the article having done my own research. It has also given me an insight into what the marketing department does to attract and engage with customers, keeping them informed about new products and services.

What I have noticed throughout my week here is how organised and focused everyone is. Personally, I think that Solutions has a great working environment and is a good place to pursue a career. For me this work experience week has been very useful as it has helped me decide that marketing is the career I wish to pursue. If anyone has the opportunity to do work experience here, I would urge them to take it!”

We wish Anna and Ada all the best in their final year at school and in their degree and future careers – marketing world, watch out! 



Written by Bethan Wright

Marketing Manager

As marketing manager, Bethan is responsible for all marketing activities within the business and plays a key role in developing our growing business marketing strategy and brand awareness.

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