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Spindle Self Serve

SpindleSelfServe_logoSpindle Self Serve is the latest addition to Draycir’s range of document management and credit control solutions. It is designed to primarily improve a business’s efficiency, customer satisfaction and manage the automation of documents.

Self-service tools are a way of making your customers experience with your business more convenient. Encouraging the independence of your customers saves time for your business. With Spindle Self Serve your customers can answer their own questions, enabling yourself and your team to get on with more important tasks.

The optional order module allows customers to order from their customer portal without the need of an e-commerce site. This combined with the live order history and status updates, your customer can see at what stage their delivery is up to – giving them piece of mind it is being dealt with.

Integration with Sage 200 allows you and your customers to access real-time, financial and accounting information online. This also eliminates the need for employees to have direct access to Sage 200 whilst still enabling them to check stock and access all the information and documentation as they need them – ultimately, saving you time and money.

Spindle Self Serve gives the opportunity to enhance your company image with no extra hassle. The customisable branded portal with in-system pop up messages for customer promotions, gives a professional appearance that will give your brand more awareness whilst improving the satisfaction of the customer.

Integration with Draycir’s Spindle Document Management solution allows documents sent to the customer to be viewed in Spindle Self Serve. Further add-ons including the internal and external stock level and place order modules are also designed to improve efficiency and ease of experience – contributing to the increase of customers.

Over 7,000 companies worldwide have used Draycir’s products to their advantage enabling them to streamline and automate their document management and credit control processes.
To join this growing number and to find out more about how your business could benefit from Spindle Self-Serve contact our specialists today on 0115 840 5075 or email


Written by Bethan Wright

Marketing Manager

As marketing manager, Bethan is responsible for all marketing activities within the business and plays a key role in developing our growing business marketing strategy and brand awareness.

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