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Act! CRM Support

Act! CRM Diamond PartnerAct! CRM Support to suit your business

Our Act! support packages provide you and your Users with the appropriate level of help, advice and technical assistance when you need it most.

Solutions for Accounting Act! CRM support delivers an essential level of cover which may be extended to provide an outsourced Act! Administration service.

Our support technicians are all Act! CRM Certified Specialists with extensive product experience in all Act! versions since 2000. We have the necessary skills and resources to resolve software issues that you may experience, as well as provide advice on system features and functions.

We want to ensure that your business gains maximum benefit from your investment in Act! Whether it’s a simple reinstallation of Act! on a new PC, importing and de-duplicating contact lists or a complete database rebuild, we can help.

Ultimately, we are able to offer an ‘Outsourced Act! Administrator’ service so that you can concentrate on your business. Relax in the knowledge that your CRM system is properly configured and efficiently maintained as you focus on developing revenue opportunities. We’ll ensure that critical customer data is available to your users wherever and whenever they need it.

The range of support packages that we offer is flexible, enabling us to provide the level of cover required by your business and your staff. We can structure a service that will complement the support available to you from internal or external IT resources, and that reflects the capabilities of your own Act! Users.

Act! CRM Support from Solutions for AccountingWhat is important to your business?

To ensure we can package a solution that will effectively support your business in its use of CRM technology, please take the time to consider your specific requirements.

What elements are likely to be key to your business and your Users? For example, components might include (but are by no means limited to):

  • Helpline support for technical issues
  • Helpline user support with advice in system operation
  • Reinstallations of application software
  • Regular maintenance activity to ensure optimum performance
  • Management of backups to ensure data security
  • Configuration of reports and outputs
  • Import of data
  • Deduplication of records
  • Help with implementation of ‘best practices’
  • Ongoing identification of User training needs


As Swiftpage Diamond Act! Certified Consultants, we can also offer advice on the range of support packages available directly from Swiftpage, provided by their own Act! technians.

Your Solutions for Accounting Outsourced Act! Administrator

Unlimited access to our technical support services including:

  • Telephone Help Line: Providing direct access to our Act! Product Specialists. Monday to Friday 08:30-18:00.
  • E-mail Support: You can e-mail us with a query at any time and we will aim to respond within 2 hours
  • Online Remote Access support: Using state-of-the-art web tools, our technicians connect to your server or workstation and see the problem that you are encountering at fifirst hand
  • On site support: We are able to offer on-site support at a reduced rate for our contract customers
  • Advice: You are invited to seek our advice regarding the use of your Act! system including the potential benefits of applying updates and upgrades
  • Business Advice: With the benefit of many years’ sales and marketing experience, we are Act! Users too. This means that we understand how business works and why it is important to you to get the best from your Act! system.
  • Act! User Logon Security Service: Now you never have to worry about forgetting usernames or passwords again. Bluebird’s Act! User Logon Service, safely and securely stores your Act! database Login information which can be accessed by your users if they forget their username or password.

Bespoke Act! Support Packages

For many organisations, it has been appropriate to structure a ‘bespoke’ support package to meet specific operational needs.

Elements which typically form a part of bespoke contracts include:

Report Editing and Design Service: There are many standard report templates you can use within Act! however, Act! reports deliver the most value when they are customised to meet your individual requirements. Our Act! Specialists can configure Act! Reports that meet your specific needs. Please refer to our guide to requesting an Act! report.

Act! System Reviews: Act! Delivers the best results when users are confident and aware of key system features/functions. Quarterly system reviews provide an opportunity for users to ask questions and seek advice on areas of the software that may better support business process.

Act! Configuration Requests: Discuss your database requirements with our Act! Product Specialists who will work with you to decide how Act! can be setup and configured to support your needs. Whether this means adding new fields, configuring drop down lists or specifying group membership criteria, our Act! specialists will handle all the necessary configuration changes for you.

Act! re-installations: Whenever you need Act! re-installing on new user pc’s, laptops or servers, contact our Act! Support team who will remotely logon to your machines and undertake the install process for you, saving you time and effort and ensuring applications are installed and configured for maximum performance.

Annual onsite visit: Discuss how Act! is contributing to your business at a strategic level. Our Act! Consultants will help review your CRM Strategy and work with you to determine new goals. They will then offer advice in terms of how Act! may be modified/adapted to meet new objectives and deliver greater value. This may also include further training for your users on specific areas of the software

Why Solutions for Accounting?

96% of calls to the Solutions for Accounting helpline are answered by a real person within10 seconds.

The experience that we seek to create for you is one characterised by personal attention, empathy and immediacy.

We understand that Act! is important to your business, and that downtime is at best, inconvenient and at times, intolerable.

We prioritise calls with you so that we understand the urgency of your request for assistance. In this way, we can use our best endeavours to organise a timely response with the most appropriate consultant or technician.

86% of issues are resolved within the initial call. All cases are tracked and a detailed history of progress against each client request is maintained.

We self-assess our own performance rigourously and constantly work to improve our processes, and the quality of service that we are able to offer.

We support every Act! version from Act! 2000 to the current ‘in life’ version.

Business support examples

We’re frequently called upon to provide assistance with a broad variety of Act! related business challenges. A few examples (some notable, some typical) include:

Challenge: As part of a fully managed support package, a Derbyshire based client in the Travel industry asked us to implement a 56 user Act! upgrade to the current version during business hours but with minimal interruption.

Solution: A team of three Solutions for Accounting technicians completed a server/database upgrade and installed the Act! application on 58 workstations within a period of less than 3 hours (we think that’s a record!)

Challenge: Prior to implementing a 120 user Act! Premium for Web solution, a large University in Northern England invited us to provide consultative support to ensure that a suitable technical architecture was in place and that User adoption issues could be minimised.

Solution: Working closely with IT personnel and a Project Manager, Solutions for Accounting consultants helped develop a technical design specification for a multi-server architecture. We also delivered ‘train the trainer’ sessions to Administrators and worked alongside Managers to build training plans that were appropriate to the needs of each school.

Challenge: A Cheshire based call centre operating 20+ Act! databases needed ongoing support for the creation of a new database each time they secure a new client. Each database has a specific and unique configuration and data needed to be imported in a variety of different formats.

Solution: Solutions for Accounting implemented a support contract which includes total management of all Act! related activity. This involves data migration, user creation and security/password management as well as ongoing monitoring of performance and backups across all active databases.

Challenge: An international company based in the UK asked us to support their Act! User community located in 6 different countries across a range of time zones.

Solution: Solutions for Accounting structured a support contract with extended operating hours to ensure that support techicians can be reached at some point during the working day in each of the client’s operating areas. We also provide a web based support request interface so that Users can post cases out of hours, and track progress via our website.