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Act! CRM Training

Our approach to company dedicated Act! training reflects our recognition that not all organisations use Act! in the same way.

In order to maximise the benefit of the solution within your business, it is necessary to centralise the configuration around your own processes.

We run bespoke Act! training sessions that are dedicated to the specific business needs of each client. As well as the operation and administration of the software, we like to build an understanding of how your business uses Act! and ‘orient’ the training session to help your staff get the best out of the system in a way that is appropriate to their individual needs and the needs of your business.

We would typically prefer to carry out training at your own premises, providing that you can make a dedicated training/meeting room available (we can provide all the necessary Audio/Visual equipment if necessary).

Our onsite training services cover 3 areas:

1. Strategy

The initial phase of engagement is always strategy discussion. We begin by working with you to develop a strategy which will become the cornerstone of your customer management approach.
Together, we’ll establish the right configuration for the system and determine some ‘best practices’ for using Act! as part of a more interactive training session. Using this approach, we’ll help your staff get the best out of the system in a way that is appropriate to their individual needs and the needs of your business.

2. Administrator ‘Super User’ Training  Review Training Syllabus

This level of training is appropriate to the person/team who are nominated as system administrators/managers. Covering areas of system configuration and structure our product specialists will work with you to ensure that you are able to configure some of the more complex elements of Act! yourselves, making you self sufficient, increasing the benefit that the solution can bring to your business.

3. Basic User Training  Review Training Syllabus

Basic feature/functionality training is required by all users of the system. Our product specialists will ensure that all users understand how the database works and are confident in using system features to perform daily tasks such as creating new contacts, searching & finding information, scheduling activities, recording emails, notes and histories etc

Bespoke Act! CRM Training

Solutions for Accounting has extensive experience in providing bespoke Act! training to businesses across the UK. We make it a point to understand the specific needs of your business and then we tailor the training session to your requirements so that your team can gain maximum benefits from the system. Our Act! trainers are all certified Act! product specialists.

Customarily, we provide training at your premises if you are able to provide a dedicated meeting/training room (if necessary, we can provide any audio/visual equipment).

Additionally you will have access to 30 days post training support should you have any questions regarding Act!

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Contact us to speak to one of our specialists or learn more about our Act! CRM training packages in more detail.