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Download Act! CRM

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Act! Premium Cloud from £22.95 per user per month .thumb_premium intl

Latest Updates and Hotfixes – Why bother applying Act! Updates?

1. Fixes known bugs and errors within the software

As issues are discovered within the current version, these are reported to the Act! development team. Whilst the product is in-life many issues are addressed and solutions released in Hotfixes and Patches. As all users of a database need to be running the same version of Act!, most patches are not made available as automatic updates but need to be downloaded and installed as a separate event.

2. Improves Act! performance

Poor performance is a cause of real frustration for users and an area that receives constant attention from the development team. Updates often include improvements to memory handling and other elements that help Act! run faster.

3. Improves integration with third party products

As the development schedule for Microsoft Office (and other integrated applications) does not always run in tandem with that of Act!, it is often necessary to enhance the way in which these software components interact in order to ensure continued operation. Updates often improve the effectiveness of integrations.

Not sure whether you have the latest update or not?

Find out which update you have under the ‘Help’ then ‘About Act! ‘ menu in your software. Then contact our team of advisors who will check whether you have the latest updates and if not provide you with a free download. See image for help finding patch number.

For any further help, advice or information please call us on 0115 840 5075