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Act! CRM & Sage 50 Integration

The integration of Act! CRM with Sage 50 Accounts software empowers Act! Users to be more effective in their customer interactions by providing them with a comprehensive view of their client’s financial status, order history, credit balances and accounting history.

Integration enables Users to access the following information from within an Act! Company or Contact record (on a ‘view only’ basis):

  • Sage Invoices
  • Sales Orders
  • Sage Quotations
  • Transaction Information
  • Status Fields

Integration is facilitated by means of an optional-extra component that may be purchased or ‘rented’ on a subscription basis.

Contact us on 0115 840 5075 or email for further details.

There are currently a number of options available to support integration using third-party products. Solutions for Accounting are accredited providers of all options and our consultants will happily explain the differences between each, and offer advice in terms of which integration product would best meet your needs.

Options include AlphaLink (which may be purchased from £299.00), and ‘Act! Link for Accounting‘ (a subscription based option, priced at £96 per User per annum).Act! Sage Link from Swiftpage

Icon_1 Act! Link for Accounting means no longer having to constantly switch between Act! and Sage 50. You can easily link Sage and Act! records to give your staff the power to explore critical financial data from within Act!
Icon_2 The Link is a productivity solution as well, empowering Users to initiate the creation of Sage invoices and sales orders from within the associate Act! record (Sage Accounts Pro. only).
Icon_3 It’s possible to perform Act! lookups, create groups and build reports within Act! using Sage accounting data as the base criteria from a linked Contact or Company record.
Icon_15 Act! Link for Accounting synchronises data in one direction from Sage 50 into your Act! database, preserving the integrity of Sage data. This means that Act! users are able access only the appropriate client data that they need and your core financial data remains secure.
Icon_5 Once Act! records are linked to corresponding Sage 50 Accounts, synchronisation ensures that they’re kept updated when accounting statuses and histories change in Sage 50. 
Icon_6 An automatic linking feature matches and links Act! and Sage 50 records dynamically. It isn’t necessary to link individual records, so the implementation and setup process is seamless and fast. Both Company and Contact records in Act! sync with sage 50 Accounts at the push of a button, saving time and minimising manual intervention.
Icon_14 Logic dictates that Contact and Company records are created in Act! initially (through the enquiry/sales process), and once they become a client a new record must be created in Sage 50. Act! link includes a function which creates the new Customer Account record in Sage 50 from the Act! record, reducing the need for duplication. 
Icon_8 An automatic update schedule ensures that your users dont need to worry about linking ad synchronising records between Act! and Sage 50. You can configure the schedule to support your business processes and operational needs to ensure updates are performed as frequently as you desire.
Act! Link for Accounting works with:
  • Sage Accounts version 21 and higher
  • Act! version 17 and higher
  • Desktop Operating Systems – Windows 7 or higher
  • Server Operating Systems – Windows Server 2008 R2 and higher


Contact us on 0115 840 5075 or email for further details.