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What’s New in Act! (by Version)

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Added in Act! v20

Act! v20 was released in the UK on 11th October 2017.  Download an overview

A summary of its principle features follows here:

Act! Insight offers a new interactive and graphical dashboard view

  • Access performance, operational and financial data in a new interactive graphical views.
  • Act! Insights delivers 10 new charts in that provide key visibility of sales metrics and client interactions.
  • Dashboard graphics may be configure to control the appearance of outputs and filters determine exposure of data ranges.
  • Users are able to build their own charts, based on Contact, Opportunity, History or Activity data.

Act! Insights Act! v20

Act! Companion has been updated to extend Act! Insights to the mobile device to bring critical data directly to Act! Users in the mobile environment.

User Interface has been improved with the desktop/laptop view of Act! getting a fresh and modern new look, aligned with the Act! for Web user interface. The main menu and action buttons get a makeover with contemporary new icons and the navigation bar may be switched between black & silver themes.

Compatibility improvements mean that Act! for Web is now compatible with the Chrome™ for Mac browser*.

*Native Office integration functionality in web client not supported with Chrome™ (for Windows or Mac). However, integration with Office for Mac is supported using Act! Premium Contact Link.

Act! emarketing is now embedded into the application so that Users no longer have to leave the Act! interface to manage email marketing campaigns.

Many Usability Improvements include…

The ability to ‘Close’ Opportunities from the List View.
A new Opportunity field called ‘Days in Stage’. This provides insight into how long Opportunities have been at each Stage of the Sales Process, enabling you to introduce process improvement or rapidly identify deals that need attention.
The option to ‘freeze columns’ (Windows client only),  improving usability of list views throughout Act! by making it easier to work with larger lists of data.

Ask Act!™ with Amazon Alexa means that it is now possible to interact with Act! via verbal requests using Amazon Alexa. Users may lookup Act! Contact records and access basic data by providing a simple verbal instruction. Alexa provides voice delivery of Act! Calendar and Contact data (such as phone number and email addresses) to those within earshot.
Works withs the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot.

Added in Act! v19

Act! v19 was released on Thursday 12th January 2017 and was made available to all Act! User organisations with a current subscription or a qualifying Business Care support contract. 

Act! v19 Overview  |  Act! Compatibility Matrix  |  Act! v19 System Req | Act! 19 Defects Fixed

We’re always able to offer discounted upgrades to Users of other Act! versions without a contract, so please do call us to discuss your options on 0115 840 0115 or email us at

64 bit Microsoft Office compatibility

Act! v 19 is compatible with 64 MS Office productivity tools. This update allows 64 bit Microsoft Office Act! CRM 64 Bit Compatibilityusers to automatically record email Histories as well as gain access to other relevant Outlook integration features that Act! users have come to expect. Furthermore interaction with Microsoft Excel and mail merging to Microsft Word templates are also supported in the 64 bit version of Office.

N.B Act! v19 does not support Office 2007. 

Act! Companion

Act! Companion is a new mobile app that complements the existing Act! Mobile access interface. Act! Companion is a relief ‘offline’ app that will work even if there is no data connection available.

Due to the fact the Act! Companion is a native smartphone application, it can make the most of features on the device itself, such as the ability to send push notifications to the user that appear on the home screen.


Users of Act! Companion can access contact details, make calls from within the app and record meeting notes with the data being synchronised seamlessly to the main Act! Premium database. The new Act Connect technology powers this feature, which means that there is no requirement for a web server to support Act! Companion. All that is needed is a local PC or a server with a secure (SSL) Act! Web Api installation. Read more about Act! Companion.

Act Companion

Act! Premium Contact Link

The Act! Premium Contact Link allows users of the web based Office 365 mail client – – to create and update Act! Contact records from within the web browser. It also comes with additional functionality that allows users to view past Activities and schedule new Act! Premium tasks from within Just as with Act! Companion, there is no web server needed thanks to the Act! Connect Link technology.

Act! Contact Link

Act! Contact Link

Act! eMarketing

Every time a new version is released, improvements are made to Act! eMarketing (AEM). The v19 release has numerous small enhancements which come together to improve efficiency and usability:

  • Faster performance. Act! eMarketing campaigns are now sent up to 5 times faster.
  • Streamlined eMarketing History records. Instead of creating a History entry for every Contact, one History per campaign is produced against each Contact and simply updated whenever response data becomes available from Act! eMarketing. This gives users extra visibility regarding interactions that individual Contacts are having with particular campaigns.
  • Instant Feedback. Act! eMarketing helps you to stay on top of your sending capacity for each month. AEM’s live feedback gives you greater control of your account with no risk of unintentionally exceeding your send limit while simultaneously helping you to meet other business needs.

System Integrity. You can rest assured that email campaigns are not sent by mistake thanks to a send confirmation dialog that checks to ensure you are in fact ready to send the campaign.


Standard Reports refresh

30 more report templates are now available in Act! They are generally similar to current reports but also introduce more relevant fields, default filter and sort orders. The new templates are included in newly created databases and are also added to updated databases.

General Usability improvements

Enhancements to the browser interface further bridge the gap in functionality between locally installed and web based Act! You can now scan for duplicate contacts as well as merge duplicates together. In addition to this the formatting toolbar in the layout designer offers greater flexibility for customising screen layouts.

When you make the decision to upgrade do NOT forget to double check whether any add-in components you use will still be supported with v19. In a lot of cases add-in updates come for free but it is important to speak to us regarding this before proceeding with an upgrade.

Feel free to contact us for a more detailed discussion surrounding the new features mentioned above.

If upgrading, please remember to consider whether any add-in components that you are currently using are supported with v19. In many cases, add-in updates are free of charge but please do check with us before proceeding with the upgrade.

If you would like to know more about any of the above-mentioned new features, please do contact us and speak with one of our Act! Product Specialists.

Added in Act! v18.2 Update

Act! CRM 18.2 Update

Released August 2016 includes the following key feature enhancements:

  • Act! Connect Link – A new service that unlocks the power of the ‘Web API*’ for Act! Premium desktop Users.
    *Provides meaningful integrations (with popular internet services such as SurveyMonkey™, Eventrbrite™, Wufoo™, Paypal™, Slack™, Google Contacts™ and many more) with no complicated setup.
  • Act! Connect doesn’t require Act! Premium for Web, a dedicated web server, or special configuration, removing any setup barriers to using the Web API.
  • New User Permission for Web API – Provides Act! administrators with control over how the Web API and integrations are used within their business (and by whom).
  • Windows/Web Parity Improvements – mean that the Web version of Act! (enabling access to your database via a web browser) becomes even closer in functionality to the desktop application. Administrators can now manage even more of the configuration of their Act! database within the web browser. This includes Product lists and Opportunity Processes. Users can also move data between Contacts and de-duplicate records via the browser.
  • Act! eMarketing enhancements mean that administrators can control which Users are able to send Act! eMarketing campaigns through configuration of User and email sender profiles.

Added in Act! v18.1 Update

Act! CRM 18.1 Update

Released April 2016 includes the following key feature enhancements:

  • Web browser compatibility for Act! Premium for Web with Google Chrome & Internet Explorer 11 (without Compatibility mode)
  • Act! Web API is now included in the installation media for Act! Premium for Web
  • The ‘Marketplace’ view has now been replaced by ‘Act! Connect’ view, supporting easy access to Act! Web API integrations (for Subscription customers)
  • A ‘Favourite Contacts’ feature is added to enable Users to keep track of their most important Contacts easily
  • A ‘count of days’ from the original scheduled due date of an Activity, together with the identity of the user that scheduled the Activity is now exposed within the Activity dialog window.

Added in Act! v18

Act! v18  (released November 2015)

Act! Premium v18 introduces compatibility and productivity enhancements, new Act! emarketing
administrative features and a fresh, modern look for Act! Premium for Web.

You can now extend the power of Act! and streamline efficiency with an all-new web API platform that allows for meaningful connections to business productivity tools, and stay up-to-date with the newest features available for Act! with flexible subscription plans.

Specific enhancements include:

  • Administrators can choose which Users are able to access Act! eMarketing
  • It’s possible to segment and view Call Lists by filtering sender profile
  • Act! Web API enables administrators to build simple integrations with Act! Premium for Web
  • Act! Connect (via the Web API) supports integration with hundreds of business Apps such as Outlook (Office 365), Slack, PayPal, Wufoo, QuickBooks Online, SurveyMonkey and more.

Added in Act! v17.2 Update

Act! v17.2  (released July 2015)

The 2nd Service Pack for Act! v17 advances eMarketing capabilities, improves productivity and enhances compatibility:

Improved Act! eMarketing, with a new eMarketing dashboard view, template folders as well as the capability to lookup bounce-backs and those who ‘unsubscribe’.

Enhanced productivity, through admin notifications, the Replace/ Copy/ Swap functionality in Web, as well as keyword filters in Notes and Activities.

Enhanced compatibility with Google Chrome, that resolves over 300 related bugs.

Streamlined configuration and access options, that includes global scheduling preferences and default result for history preferences.

Added in Act! v17.1 Update

Act! v17.1 (released February 2015)

The key highlights from the 17.1 update are:

Intelligent eMarketing allows users to schedule follow-up activities based on the way recipients respond to prior emarketing campaigns.

Configure drop-down lists via Web gives administrators the power to manage Act! through the browser. This is another big step towards true web enablement and the transition to ‘cloud’ based Act!

Default History Options are now user configurable, allowing users to (for example) regulate ‘Call’ as the default Type every time a new History is listed.

Administrator Notifications allows messages to be broadcast to Act! users in real-time.

Support for SQL 2014 takes advantage of the latest Microsoft database structure.

The Detail…

Act! v17.1 has an array of features that are described in more detail below:

Intelligent eMarketing

  1. Call List Improvements

Purpose: Call lists provide eMarketing users with a summary of respondents to eMarketing campaigns such as Open and Click-through statistics. You can now carry out common tasks ‘en masse’ straight from a call list including:

  • Select Contacts – Video
  • Schedule Activities
  • Create Histories – Video
  • Create a Lookup – Video
  • Delete unneeded Call Lists

Automation & Productivity Enhancements

  1. Improved URLs in Documents

Purpose: It is now more simple to add a shortcut to a folder from an Act! record.  This works similarly to the ‘add file’ or ‘add shortcut’ feature.

  1. Improve Accessibility on High Resolution Monitors

Purpose: Machines that have Large Font (High DPI) setting may experience display problems. This adjustment enhances the Act! user experience for common devices.

  1. Improved Outlook Sync Logging

Purpose: To improve Act! and Outlook integration by presenting a more detailed log of synchronised Calendar events and Contact details.

  1. Improved Outlook integration stability

Purpose: To enable users to rely on the vital relationship between their CRM and key productivity tools.

Streamlined Configuration and access options

  1. Customisable Big Buttons allow users remove any unwanted large icon buttons at the top of the screen. This drastically improves the User Interface, thus securing user buy-in and maximising system adoption levels throughout the company.

Purpose: Enables the organisation of Big Buttons on the head of the screen in Act!

  1. Global Preference Management – Web Info

Purpose: Larger Act! deployments are easier to configure – Administrators have the ability to centrally configure and deploy preferences easily instead of having to local preferences on the machines of individual users. This includes Web Info Links, Default Word Processor and Default History Type to name a few.

  1. Manage Drop Down Lists

Purpose: It is more straightforward to manage lists in Act! Web enables the addition/ management of drop-down lists. Windows and Web enable the modification of them in compliance with field creation (formerly users needed to create separate drop-down lists, before associating them with a field. This is now managed collectively in the same area of the configuration interface).

Video – Web – Add Manage Drop Down Lists Web

  1. Import and Duplicate Checking

Purpose: Enables the alteration of duplicate checking setting during import. Once data was imported in Act!, Administrators would sometimes overlook the ‘Duplicate Settings’. As part of the new import process, it is less likely that Administrators will fail to consider duplicate checking, which increases the integrity of the data import process.

  1. Administrator Notifications

Purpose: Send a broadcast to all users in Act!, alerting them to business, operational or system developments.

  1. Change Default History Options

Purpose: Enable users to select a default History type, instead of having to adopt the ‘traditional’ History Types list. Each user has the ability to change the default type.

NB: This is a per user setting saved in the database.

  1. New Installs get SQL 2014

Purpose: Administrators can sustain current systems architecture by implementing Microsoft SQL 2014 (the latest version).

This installs SQL 2014 on computers that do not already have SQL ‘ACT7’ instance installed.

NB: We cannot install SQL 2014 on Windows Vista or XP (albeit Act! v17.1 functions with SQL 2008 on Vista or XP computers)

Installing Act! v17.1 does not update the current version of SQL ‘ACT7’ instance.

NB: SQL 2014 works in a mixed sync environment, however the server needs to be the lowest version. IE Server 2008 and Remote 2008/2012/2014.

Added in Act! v17
Below is a summary of all the new features (Please do not hesitate to contact us for further explanation or demo of any of the features):

  1. eMarketing triggers for Smart Tasks
  • You can now configure Smart Tasks to:
    1. Send emails using the traditional ‘Swiftpage Email Marketing’ tool or the latest Act! eMarketing system
    2. Automatically send out marketing emails (using Act! eMarketing) to Contacts based on their previous responses to email campaigns.
  • You can trigger other Smart Task events by the way recipients respond to your email marketing campaigns. This includes scheduling Act! follow-up activities, updating fields, edit record access and assigning records to users to name a few.
  • Emails can be broadcast using the ‘Send As’ feature for the perception that they were sent by different users.


  1. Automation & Productivity Enhancements
  • Timeline Advanced Controls – View visual representations of Notes, History, Activities and Opportunities for the same contact in a single tab

  • Lead Capture – Set up webforms that capture new Contact information in a dynamic new way. For example people who subscribe to your newsletter by filling out a form on your website, automatically become Act! Contacts.

  • Contact Access Routing – Designate Contacts according to criteria and/ or schedule. For example automatically give users access to Contact records that are added in their ‘territory’.

  • One Way Sync Act! to Outlook – Enable single direction configuration (older versions only supported two-way Calendar synchronisation)

  • Photo History on Mobile – Attach photo images from your mobile device straight to your history.

  • URLs in Documents – Add links to Drop Box, SharePoint etc to the Documents tab. Additionally you can create links from Contact/ Company records to shared folder structures on your server.

  1. Streamlined configuration and access options for Database Administrators
  • Import CSV from Web – Enable users to import Txt files from the website.

  • Global Preferences – Set Word Processor and Startup View for existing as well as future users.
  • Silent Install Interface – Easy Tool to create sizable deployment scripts.
  • Create Remote from Web – Enable users to Create RDBs from the website.

  • Browse users a FREE and not considered as licences
  • Hide Inactive Users – Inactive users will not be visible in schedule for and record manager drop downs


  1. Contemporary look and feel
  • Updated Demo Layouts
  • Updated New Database Layouts
  • Updated Icons
  • Updated Mobile Colors

Please review Act! System Requirements.

Added in Act! v16

We believe that Act! v16 is the most significant improvement to any version of Act! in more than 10 years. We have broken the new features down in to 5 key areas below (Please do not hesitate to contact us for further explanation or demo of any of the features):

  1. Streamlined Company Management & Global Actions

  • Automatically affiliate new as well as exiting Contacts with a company
  • Have a consolidated view of history, notes and activities for all contacts
  • Execute global actions for all company Contacts, such as scheduling and emailing
  • Company records are created automatically as soon as the first contact is added
  • Linking in both directions from Company to Contact & Contact to Company
  • Optional and configurable depending on business preference


  1. New Calculated Fields drive prioritisation and maximise Customer Intelligence

  • Increase productivity through actionable data and intelligent prioritisation
  • Automatically complete calculations in a field using data from alternative standard or custom fields
  • Carry out calculations based on date, age, values, currency, percent and more
  • Issue contract renewals, service reminders, birthday and thank you notes to name a few – driven by calculated data
  • Prioritise sales opportunities based on deal values, commissions or calculated thresholds
  • Create lookups and groups based on calculation results and complete either individual or global actions
  • Leverage automated Smart Tasks and integrated eMarketing services to drive sales and strengthen relationships
  • Produce reports or export to Excel with a single click to perform further analysis


  1. New History Module provides insightful view of completed actions

  • See all completed activities easily – including meetings, to-dos and email – in the same location
  • Reference an aggregate timeline of completed actions. For example system changes, field changes and deleted contacts
  • Search, sort and filter history records, and thereafter perform global actions that are added automatically to individual records
  • Evaluate performance, responsiveness and general productivity by analysing the activities Users have completed
  • Analyse the activities and actions performed for a contact or company to view their timeline and experience as a customer
  • Export history to Excel, with a single click to conduct further analysis and gain extensive insights


  1. Act! Premium Mobile Enhancements Drive Productivity in the Field

  • Transfer vital elements of the desktop experience to your mobile device


  1. Usability and System Improvements for Speed and Peace of Mind

  • Reschedule activities for multiple contacts all at once from a task list or company record, or multiple activities in a single contact record
  • Receive proactive alerts regarding the success or failure of background system events like sync or backups
  • Configure notification rules and indicate recipients of emails by task
  • Promptly add new fields and manage layouts within the Act! Premium Web Client instead of on the server or via your hosting provider
  • Create lookups from Universal Search
  • Support for Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer

Added in Act! v15

Act! v15 introduces many new features that make workflows more efficient, improve customer relationships and empower remote workers. Specified enhancements are described below:-

  • Smart Tasks are now able to run server-side and it is not a necessity for the Smart Task user to be logged in to their Act! database
  • Smart Tasks functionality has been enhanced to allow Tasks to execute when conditions are met (when creating new Contact or Opportunity records) as well as manually or on a scheduled basis
  • Smart Tasks are able to alter Contact or Opportunity field values, using criteria that is determined by values in alternative fields (within the same entity)
  • An extra Social Networking tab is included in the Contact Detail screen, allowing users to track LinkedIn and Facebook updates posted by the in-view Contact in real-time
  • The’ Act! Premium for Web’ html Mobile client (which orients Act! for smartphones and PDAs including Android, iPhone and Blackberry) now includes Opportunities to provide remote users with greater control of the data whilst mobile.
  • Act! eMarketing now includes Social Sharing so that recipients of email marketing communications broadcast from within Act! may be shared via sender’s Social Channels, and/ or by the recipient (by simply clicking on a social sharing link in the email footer)


In summary…

  • Act! Premium Mobile with Opportunities (unavailable to Act! Pro users)
  • Social Updates
  • Offline Smart Tasks
  • Smart Tasks with data/ field triggers
  • Optimised download and install experience
  • Usability improvements (as a result of customer feedback)
  • New wizards for remote database creation, in addition to simplified database moving and sharing

Added in Act! v14

  • Act! Scratchpad, a virtual, convenient notepad
  • Universal Search facility
  • Interacts seamlessly with Gmail
  • Synchronisation of Google Calendar and Google Contacts
  • Act! Connect provides access to Act! Contacts and Calendar no matter where you are
  • Connections page
  • Usability improvements as a result of customer feedback
  • Confirmation message after importing from Excel as well as alternative Act! databases
  • Menu displaying precise installation times together with the components required
  • Functions with Internet Explorer 9 and Firefox 4

Added in Act! v13

Added in Act! 2011

  • Smart Tasks (automated workflow, recognising conditions within Contact and Opportunity data and thereafter scheduling Emails and Activities appropriately)
  • Microsoft Outlook scheduled Calendar and Contact sync
  • Direct import from Excel
  • Support for MS Office 2010 (32bit) and Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit)

Added in Act! 2010

  • Automatically search Facebook, LinkedIn as well as other web resources, all from with Act! records
  • Fully integrated eMarketing for Act!
  • Reports view with direct visibility of 54 pre-configured reports
  • Improved navigation (enhanced screen layout and menu structure~)
  • Welcome page including feature tours, news and a help function
  • Customisable Opportunities

Added in Act! 2009

  • Related Contacts tab
  • Seamlessly integrates with Outlook for the recording of email histories and related functionality

Added in Act! 2008

  • Graphical interactive dashboards
  • Duplicate checking by first name and surname
  • Duplicate checking for groups as well as companies
  • Advanced queries for groups as well as companies