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Swiftpage Act! CRM Premium (& Web)

Act! CRM PremiumAct! CRM Premium is designed for teams of up to 100 users. It enables you to get organised by providing a complete view of your customer contact information, a history of past interactions, schedule/calendar of future activities, and details of sales opportunities.

Call us on 0115 840 5075 or email to arrange a demonstration, check latest pricing or to request a free trial download.

Receord and manage in-depth knowledge about your customers and contacts so that your customer-facing teams are fully informed and empowered to maximise the potential of every every interaction. Web and mobile deployment options mean that your Users may easily access and edit rich customer information from anywhere.

Act! Premium provides…

  • Sales opportunity, contact & company relationship management
  • Calendar & activity management
  • Extensive searching and grouping of customer data to support marketing activity and reporting
  • Access to client information on all internet enabled devices including smartphones and tablets
  • Granular security control enabling you to restrict access to records and data fields by User or team of users
  • Team dashboards and reporting capabilities
  • A ‘Web API’ enabling simple integration between Act! and a broad range of third party products and services
  • Server management features including scheduled services for backup and maintenance, and supporting synchronisation with remote databases



Increase Productivity

Integrate seamlessly with the business and social tools that you rely upon from within Act! such as Google, Outlook, Office, iCloud, Dropbox, SharePoint, LinkedIn and Facebook. Furthermore, integration with popular accounting solutions such as Sage 50 and Quickbooks provides visibility of clients’ accounting status, invoice and payment histories, open quotes and sales orders for a holistic customer view.

Smart tasks & Sales automation – Save time by automating important follow-up activities based upon dynamic criteria that is defined by you, with Smart Task options for automatically sending email camapigns, scheduling activities to follow up with hot leads, assigning contacts to a new owner and more.



Make Informed Decisions

Intelligent Call Lists, in-depth reports, and actionable performance-based dashboards provide you with up to date, dynamic insight 24/7, so that you know which step to take to progress each sales opportunity.

  • Email marketing – Create, send and monitor professional, striking email campaigns that reach prospects as well as customers with the right message at the right time from within Act! Using intelligent prioritised Call Lists, you will be alerted when email recipient interact with your email, intelligently informing your sales team who to follow up.
  • Reports & Dashboards – Promptly gather vital business intelligence such as pipeline efficiency, email campaign effectiveness, revenue by lead source and more in order to evaluate your performance, direct strategic improvements and know which actions to take next.


Act! Premium for Web

Act! Premium for Web (a component of Act! Premium) provides users with access to critical business information on-demand anytime, and anywhere via web browser. It can be implemented within your own network or can be provided as a fully managed hosted solution.

You can check out our demo of Act! Premium for Web here…

The best experience is via Internet Explorer 11 or Google Chrome.

Act! Premium for Web Demo (please allow 20 seconds for the login screen to load on your first visit to the site)

Usernames and Passwords:

Username: standard         →         Password: standard

Username: manager         →         Password: manager


The server installation process for Act! Premium (and Act! Premium for Web) is straightforward, which means you will be up and running quickly. If you’re not able to manage this for yourself, our technicans will carry out the installation for you as part of our service offering.

As Act! Premium for Web may be continue to use an SSL (Secured Socket Layer) certificate, your organisation will have the added security of knowing that all your vital customer information remains encrypted and protected within your firewall.

Act! can be published as a web service on most Windows machines that can be configured with Microsoft IIS (Internet Information Services).

For remote access, optimal performance can be enjoyed when the database is hosted within a secure data centre with a high speed (100mbit synchronous) internet connection, although stable DSL broadband connections within corporate office environments generally suffice as well.

Act! Premium for Web can be deployed through a LAN (Local Area Network) in environments where installing the software on individual workstations is illogical or where the minimum system requirements for Act! are not met.

The Web server software is included with Act! Premium at no additional cost.

Act! Premium for Web provides all the same benefits that hosted Web based solutions do, without the recurring monthly cost.

Act! Premium for Web is not only ideal for remote users. It can also add value to office based organisations that require a Web alternative as well. This allows users who work with Windows and Web products in a complimentary fashion to move seamlessly between the two. This solution is also beneficial to businesses who do not want the hassle of constantly upgrading their hardware to keep up with the ever-changing minimum system requirements for Windows.


Call us on 0115 840 5075 or email to arrange a demonstration, check latest pricing or to request a free trial download.