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Sage 50c Accounts

Sage 50c accounts gives you the ability to control your business from any location – not just the office. It seamlessly combines the power and productivity of a reliable desktop solution together with secure online access and Office 365 integration.

  • Increased flexibility to work where, when and how you want.
  • Better management of your business through more informed decisions.
  • Maximised efficiency to get more done in less time.

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Connected with Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium

Whether you’re running your own company or have recently joined a new firm, Office 365 provides all the tools required to work from the office or remotely on any device and at any time.

It is much easier to effectively maintain communication with your colleagues and clients, using instant messaging, business-class email, social networking and video conferencing. You can always stay organised thanks to shared calendars, streamlined content sharing and team chat. Furthermore you have the peace of mind that everything is securely backed up with up to 1TB of cloud storage per user.

The subscription model means that no up-front capital investment is required.

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Safe and secure

One of the top priorities for many businesses is keeping data secure. You may want to ensure that if anything unexpected takes place, you’ve got copies of all your information stored away safely. However, you do not want to take the route of having to invest in servers as well as an IT manager. You just want to rest assured that your information is safe and secure.

Cloud Backup

Cloud backup sees to it that your data is safely stored in the cloud. You can access your information from anywhere that there is an internet connection available and will be notified immediately if any problems arise.

Cloud Document Storage

Cloud document storage reduces paperwork, while simultaneously storing your documents securely in One Drive, which is linked to your Sage 50c Accounts transactions and records. Due to the fact that they’re in cloud you will have easy access to all your document whenever you need them, no matter where you are.


Maximise efficiency

Information is always on hand

You would like to spend less time trawling through data in various locations. For example, if a customer emails you and you currently have to switch to your accounts software to retrieve their record of transactions and credit status, then you will appreciate Sage 50c. Sage Contact, which is part of the Microsoft Office 365 integration gives you access to all of this data from while you use Outlook.

No longer will you need to alternate between different applications. Furthermore this also applies to supported mobile phones and Tablets that can access Outlook through a web browser, even if Sage 50c Accounts is actually on the device. Any changes that are made to your contacts will automatically be synced and updated by Sage 50c Accounts.