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Sage Live

Sage Live is a revolutionary cloud accounting solution that is built on the innovative Salesforce platform. It enables users to:

  • Eliminate low value tasks by focussing on the most important assignments.
  • Access real-time data and act upon it accordingly.
  • Utilise one integrated solution to connect the entire business.
  • Expand their business by going mobile, social and even global.


Take advantage of real-time accounting and control

Today’s fast paced business environment has brought about unpredictable challenges as well as exceptional opportunities. The powerful new cloud based accounting application from Sage helps you and your teams to work more efficiently.

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Functionality: Streamline core accounting and compliance

Traditional software as well as modern applications often run the risk of leaving you with disjointed information and compliance issues. When systems are disconnected, it means that valuable time is wasted trying to dig up relevant information for what can often be an incomplete evaluation.

With Sage Live, all of the data is consolidated into a single hub. The best-in-class accounting solution offers dimensional accounting to support more in-depth analysis, a robust tax engine, easy to use tools for your financial reporting and multi-currency, mutli-country capabilities to help your business surpass international boundaries.

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Mobility: Accelerate business from the palm of your hand

Staying in touch with decision makers – who are often in a different location at a different time – is a challenge face by many organisations. With Sage Live your office moves with your team. You can easily access and edit information, enter and keep track of invoices, administer income, approve expenses, and chat with your co-workers – from any connected device, all in real-time.

Integration: Connect best-in-class apps to one experience

Stay connected with your financials, sales, administration and more. Sage Live brings together the first ever real-time accounting engine and the industry leading Salesforce cloud platform. The powerful and highly flexible solution is designed to easily adapt to your processes and increase efficiency.

Guidance: Work closely with your very own success coach

As your business grows, you can rest assured that your financial systems are functioning and available to whomever may require them. Every Sage Live subscription comes with extensive online support via a success coach who will ensure that you have an easy transition and an overall favorable experience.

Intelligence: Gain a single, real-time source of business analytics

Due to the fact that key business data can be spread across numerous systems and applications, it can be a challenge for management to unearth the information they require in critical moments. For this reason, Sage Live provides real-time intelligence. No hassle, no delays and no mistake-ridden reporting. You receive all the essential data including actual as well as projected results.

Automation: Eliminate manual data entry and processes

By utilising Sage Live you free up your teams from monotonous data entry tasks such as reconciling banks accounts and entering expense reports, in order for them to focus on higher-value output. You effectively provide them with the tools that they need fully understand their goals and monitor their own performance, which contributes to the overall success of your company.